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T-Assembly Special Session Soon For Muslim Reservations : CM KCR

Telangana government is going to convene a special Assembly session to adopt a resolution urging the centre to allow the reservation in the state jobs beyond the 50 per cent as being done in Tamil Nadu.

This has been revealed by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in Assembly on Sunday while responding to the debate on motion of thanks to Governor's address to the Assembly and Council. ” Once the Chellappa commission and Sudhir Commission submit their reports on the socio-economic situation of minorities, Assembly special session will be convened to pass a resolution in favor Muslims reservation which would later be sent to the parliament for approval.We will ensure it be incorporated in Schedule 9, ” the CM said.

Reiterating the TRS government's commitment on implementing the reservation, he said Chellappa commission and Sudhir commission reports would be placed before the BC commission and Minorities would be given reservations as backward caste communities. ” Reservation can't be extended on religion basis. So, these communities should be listed as backward castes before extending reservation to the poor among the minorities,” the CM said.

He said the Telangana government would follow Tamil Nadu government in this respect. ” The Tamil Nadu government had conducted a foolproof survey on the socio economic conditions of weaker section. Later, the Assembly passed a resolution to implemen 69 per cent reservation which is beyond the ceiling imposed by the Supreme Court. The Tamil Nadu assembly resolution had been sent to parliament with a request that the state be allowed to implement reservation beyond 50 per cent and the resolution be incorporated in the schedule 9 of Constitution of India. Tamil Nadu government clarified that they want implement their own reservations in the state jobs and won't ask for the same in the centre jobs. Similarly Telangana will also do the same thing in near future. Let the commissions submit their reports,” the CM said.

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