You are at GHMC Election: How Far this Relation go?

GHMC Election: How Far this Relation go?

With Jana Sena being recognized by the 'Election Commission', the stage is all set for the Party to play an active role in 2019.

It would also give Pawan Kalyan enough time to complete a few films, make some money and also develop his Party from the grassroots.

Industry is now rife with the speculation that Pawan’s Party would now be contesting the GHMC and GVMC (Vizag Corporation) polls.

Having supported the BJP and TDP the last time around, what is Pawan’s stand in these polls going to be?

Will he enter those polls with an alliance again or will he choose to contest on his own? If he chooses the latter option, then he would have to speak out against the TDP for obvious reasons failing which he will not be able to make an impact.

In fact, these polls would be the first test for Pawan Kalyan. With BJP indicating recently that it intends to contest all elections in future without an alliance with TDP, the route map of the BJP is more or less clear.

The alliance between them is unlikely to last. So, how about Pawan Kalyan? Will he continue to support the coalition or branch out on his own?

Known to be a mercurial character, one never knows what his next move is going to be!

Will he be able to win the support of the entire people or will his charisma be restricted only to his fans who subscribe to ‘Pawanism’ whatever that means? 

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