You are at Assam hopes alive for BJP!

Assam hopes alive for BJP!

Assam elections gave relief to BJP after Delhi results

After huge defeat in Delhi elections, there is a huge discussion is happening in media circles if popularity of Narendra Modi is on a decline. But here is something to cheer for the saffron party.

The party is reportedly performing well in Assam civic polls indicating that the party is all set to emerge as the front runner in the coming assembly elections. Elections were held for 32 municipal boards and 42 town committees on Sunday and the total number of electorate is 14,84,896.

Of the 42 town committees, the BJP has won 20, while the Congress has won only six.AGP which ruled Assma for two times not opened account yet. In case of the 32 municipal committees, the BJP has already won 18, while the Congress has won eight. The AGP drew a blank.

The fight was primarily between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress in the most urban local bodies.Seen as a semi-final between BJP and Congress ahead of the 2016 assembly election, the results will be a crucial indicator of poll prospects for both the parties next year.

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