You are at HIV-positive Man Paid To Rape Malawian Girls

HIV-positive Man Paid To Rape Malawian Girls

An HIV-positive Malawian man regularly has sex with underage teenagers - and their relatives pay him to carry out the deed. Eric Aniva, commonly known as a "hyena", is a married man who receives $4 (R57) each time he has sex with an adolescent girl as part of a sickening cleansing ritual in the country.

Sexual cleansing, a common practice in southern Malawi, sees young girls being sent to "initiation camps" before puberty. Here, adolescents are taught how to have sex and are forced into sexual intercourse over three days after the start of their first period.

Condoms are prohibited and girls risk falling pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease such as HIV. One in 10 people in the southern African nation is HIV-positive. Explaining the practice in an interview with the BBC, Aniva said had slept with over 100 women and girls since he became a "hyena". He has five children of which he has knowledge.

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