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No connection between Vijayamma loss and Hudhud cyclone says Ambati Rambabu

No connection between Vijayamma loss and Hudhud cyclone

At a time when people of Andhra Pradesh worrying about damage caused by Hudhud cyclone some negative propaganda started in web media saying that God Punished vizag people for not electing Vijayamma.
The social networking pages filled with comments like  “Vizag has deserved for this punishment for defeating Vijayamma in Parliament elections.” “God punish the Vizag people in the form of HUDHUD”.”I love HUDHUD. Nature punished the people who deceive”. Some even “Likes” the comments and it turned as controversy when print media published the news.
The unexpected campaign turned as headache for YSRCP and many started blaming the party by assuming that it was launched by YCP supporters.YSRCP mouthpiece Ambati Rambabu has finally reacted on the rumours and he said that YSRCP is not having any connection with the negative propaganda.Condemning the acts Ambati said that the campaign was launched by their party rivals to tarnish party image among public.
‘’We are feeling bad for these type of rumors and condemning the acts.There is no connection between YS Vijayyama's loss in election and cyclonic storm. We humbly requesting all people to not to take that comments into account and it was no where related to our party.’’Ambati said

Other side AP DGP Ramudu took this campaign as serious and ordered CID police to file Cyber case on who made these irresponsible comments

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