You are at Reasons to make Governor as Supreme in Hyderabad!

Reasons to make Governor as Supreme in Hyderabad!

Modi Government decided to make Governor E.L. Narasimhan as Supreme Power of Authority in GHMC. This decision put check to KCR and his actions that taken in GHMC. There is internal war between Telangana Government and BJP Government in this regard since last 2 months. 

KCR argued that assigning all powers to Governor is against to spirit of federalism. He is trying to mobilize the support of other states against to the BJP decision. Governor asked for clarification on his role to Central Government. Since it is common capital for next 10 years, Central Government feels to strengthen the Governor role in Hyderabad. As we all know, most of the AP people are residing in Hyderabad. 

Telangana Government recent actions in Hyderabad causes fear among the people of AP. All political parties like BJP, Congress and TDP have criticized KCR's decision. AP Government put an objection when Telangana Government decided to distribute Secretariat Blocks as its wish. Telangana Government behaves on its way even in case of assigning chambers to the members of both legislative assemblies and legislative councils. Another reason is denying paying Fee reimbursement to AP students. 

There is a feeling among the political circles that KCR Government intentionally targets SA people in Hyderabad. This indirectly forced Central Government in involve the issue.

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