You are at Germanwings A320 Crashed By Co-Pilot!

Germanwings A320 Crashed By Co-Pilot!

Germanwings Pilot crashed deliberately: 2nd Black Box!

It is known that Germanwings A320 with 150 people on board crashed in French Alps few days ago. The worst fears of investigators came true with the second Black Box revealing Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had deliberately crashed the plane.

As per the recordings from the Black Box voice recorder, Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked the Pilot out of the cockpit and then kept the plane in the auto-pilot to descent. He then adjusted auto pilot to accelerate the plane and then crashed it.

Pilot who was outside the cockpit tried to open the door with an axe. But, All his attempts failed. Passengers got panicked and began screaming out of fear before the crash.

Andreas Lubitz had undergone treatment for depression and suicidal tendencies in the past. He, however, hid these facts from the Greenwings Airlines.

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