You are at Delhi elections : Not a Victory of AAP or Kejriwal...

Delhi elections : Not a Victory of AAP or Kejriwal!


Delhi Assembly Results are came as a shock for ruling BJP. But its not fruit of either bjp failure or AAP's outstanding agenda. Its merely a response of capital voter's 'Frustration' towards delhi rule.

Delhi, though being capital of India, its been in spotlight for all mean and amature incidents over few years.Negativity on Congress came as helper for BJP and AAP in 2014 elections.In 15 years of congress rule, people didn't find considerable betterment in their day to day public life. Generations passed with same stinky areas, lack of security and bad governance.People mindset have changed and they were looking for a 'Active government' who can meet their demands.

AAP came in right time among them and it garnered utmost response from public. Voters attracted with kejriwal,anna hazare,kiran bedi kind of new stuff and started ignoring communal tagged BJP and blind ox congress. Its a mere beleif of public that AAP might make a change to the existing Delhi.

In 2014, People had BJP and AAP both in their minds. Again a belief on 'Modi Rule' and 'Promising AAP Crew' took a balance, that lead to uncertain majority.After few political hiccups from congress, AAP took a dare step to loose power. That time Kejriwal didnt bother how much public money will get wasted for second term elections. Instead he called for elections again.

Here, no political party bothered about that. all that they wanted is 'Full Power'. Now, people gone with AAP again mean, its not negative wave on BJP or narendra modi completely, They wanted a stable government, yet a local party whom they can question straight on face.Public kept looking for change of governance irrespective of the party they voted for. Hope AAP and Arvind Kejriwal realize that need of 'Action'.

Not only its the case of Delhi and its voters. AP, Telangana,Tamilnadu..and so on always people voted for 'Change' and 'Belief of Getting Good Governance'. There is no mileage a leader or political party can give at any time.

If Some governments retaining power for decades means, it is definitely, common man needs like Jobs, security,growth of production..and a peaceful life served in a simple way in their rule. No wonders needed apart from that.

TRS,AAP given a chance for first time. TDP,AIADMK given more chances but on grounds of 'Can be better'. So parties should keep that in mind and should work for needs of people, not to please any biggies.

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