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China Abandons One-Child Policy


Controversial one-child policy has been called off in China on Thursday. China government announcing the news said that all couples would be allowed to have two children from now. In a report to the official Xinhua News Agency, China's ruling Communist Party said that the policy of every couple having only one child will be abolished. One-child policy was the two decades-long and the policy was implemented on September 18, 1980 to alleviate social, economic and environmental problems in China. For years the authorities have also claimed that the one-child policy was the key to China's economic growth.

From past few years China has gradually relaxed the policy as the country struggles with an aging population. Gender imbalances and rapidly aging population led to the slashing of the one-child rule. Pressure was mounting on the authorities to ease family-size norms as it was leading to severe labour shortages. In November 2013 China relaxed the policy and said families can have two children if one parent is an only child. Now the one-child policy was completely removed.

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