You are at AP Govt put off the Amaravathi Sankalpa Jyoti ?

AP Govt put off the Amaravathi Sankalpa Jyoti ?


Andhra Pradesh Amaravati foundation stone ceremony was a grand gala affair. It's already known that the government spent crores of rupees to make the event a memorable one and had even set up a Amaravati Sankalpa Jyoti as well. Now the Jyoti was seen off, rather the government put off the jyopti. The responsibility of seeing that the jyoti is eternal was given to one SVS Cine Action Special Effects and Fireworks Co in Uddandarayani Palem.

However, since the government had called off the contract even those organizers too left it off. However, to avoid criticism one of the lamp was taken to Amaravati temple and it was said that it will be lit in the temple itself henceforth!
This is the commitment that CBN promised to his state and 5 crores populace!!

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