You are at AP CM Naidu' master stroke on Kapu Reservations!

AP CM Naidu' master stroke on Kapu Reservations!


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is doing all that is necessary to prevent yet other agitation in the state. Naidu already addressed the state twice on the issue and categorically explained how the reservations through a G.O. will not help the cause and it is necessary to address it with a constitutional approach.

However Kapu activist Mudragada Padmanabham stunned every one saying Kapus can not get reservations through constitutional methods in a life time. At this stage, Naidu is convening a meeting of Kapu leaders in all the 13 districts of the state today. They will be given an option to choose either of the ways. If they choose Mudragada Padmanabham's way, then they should be taking the blame if the courts quash the G.O. and if they vote for Naidu's way, it is a moral victory for the government.

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