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Chennai Class 12 Student Slaps Teacher After Reprimand

Chennai:A student of Class 12 at a government school has allegedly slapped a teacher after she admonished him for unruly behavior. 

The 34-year-old teacher had pulled him up for turning off the power switch that supplied power to the school computers. "She advised him to behave," after which he gave her "a hard slap", an official of school said.

"This boy had behaved badly earlier too and he was allowed to continue only after he tendered an apology," the official said.

The school has not filed a formal complaint with the police in view of the boy's future. "We were told by school authorities that they don't prefer a complaint with us," an officer of the local police said.

The incident, however, has been reported to district education authorities. "Senior officials have held inquiries and appropriate disciplinary action is likely against the student," the school official said.

The teacher was sent to a government hospital where she is being examined for "possibility of internal injuries, as the blow had landed near her left ear," said the police officer.


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