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Telangana Doctors Warn Andhra Doctors

T-Doctors Warn Andhra Doctors

The nativity issue is growing ugly day by day. After students, lawyers, media persons, it is the turn of Telangana doctors to join the bandwagon who are "opposing" the "domination" of Andhra doctors. On Tuesday a letter has been posted in Gandhi hospital, claiming to be written by TGGDA (Telangana Government Doctors Association), threatening Andhra doctors to shift their bases to their native places.

We hear that out of total crew (doctors, professors, associate and assistant professors, students) in Gandhi hospital, the tally of Seemandhra region accounts up to 60 per cent which might have drew the wrath of Telangana doctors.

However, as of now, there is no clarity on who exactly has written the letter and who is behind this. Is Telangana doctors group behind this letter? Or anyone is trying to cook up an spat between two groups need to be investigated.

Political observers have expressed their shock and grief over the turn of events prevailing in Telangana. A senior analyst commented, " Patients prefer doctors with good expertise but not nativity. Irrespective of the fact whether doctors belong to Andhra or Telangana, all patients expect is good treatment. So, its not fair to issue such threats. These kind of incidents add suffering only to poor patients being treated at government hospitals."

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