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Balapur Laddu Sold Out For Record Price Rs.10. 32 lakh!!

Kukatpally Addagutta Society Ganesh laddu has overshadowed Balapur Ganesh laddu's price this year by yielding Rs 15 lakh.

One Chanti Reddy from Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh bought the Kukatpally Addagutta Society's Ganesh Laddu in the auction held on Sunday morning.

While Balapur Ganesh Laddu fetched Rs 10.32 lakh, the Kukatpally Addagutta Society Ganesh laddu was sold for Rs 15 lakh.Attapur Ganesh Laddu was sold out for Rs 3.30 lakh. One Arjun Goud and his team wrested the laddu in the auction.

Raguveera Bhaktha Samajam in Attapur under Rajendra Nagar mandal has been conducting Ganesh Navaratris for the last 70 years.At another Ganesh pandal, one Naveen Goud purchased Pochamma Devalayam Ganesh Laddu in Attapur for Rs 1.35 lakh.

Hyderabad: However, the famous Balapur Ganesh laddu fetched a whopping Rs 10.32 lakh in the open auction held before the start of Ganesh immersion procession here on Sunday.

Kallem Madan Mohan Reddy had bid the laddu for Rs 10.32 lakh weighing about 21 kg. A total of 24 persons participated in the laddu auction but the main competition was between Kallem Madan Mohan Reddy and Srinivas Reddy.

After the bidding amount crossed Rs 9.50 lakh, both increased the amount by thousands and ultimately Madan Mohan Reddy won the laddu for Rs 10.32 lakh amidst applause from the devotees who were present in large numbers.

It may be mentioned here that last year Balapur Ganesh laddu was purchased by a local resident Singi Reddy Jaihind Reddy for Rs 9.50 lakh. The bidding started at around 10 am with a minimum bid amount of Rs 116.

After special pujas, Balapur Ganesh was taken in a procession followed by ardent devotees. Telangana State Transport Minister Mahendar Reddy, former Hyderabad Mayor and MLA Teegala Krishna Reddy, MLC Ramchandar Rao, Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsav Committee president Bhagvanth Rao and others visited the Balapur Ganesh.

A Non-Resident Indian also participated in the laddu auction. The tradition of auctioning the laddu was taking place since early years of the formation of Ganesh Utsav Committee.

Balapur Ganesh Utsav Samithi was initially formed in the year 1980 and has been organising the deity's navaratri celebrations annually.The bid amount continued to rise year after year.

Starting from Rs 450 in 1994, it increased to Rs 4,500 in 1995, Rs 18,000 in 1996, Rs 28,000 in 1997, Rs 51,000 in 1998, Rs 65,000 in 1999, Rs 66,000 in 2000, Rs 85,000 in 2001, Rs 1.05 lakh in 2002, Rs 1.55 lakh in 2003, Rs 2.01 lakh in 2004, Rs 2.08 lakh in 2005, Rs 3 lakh in 2006, Rs 4.15 lakh in 2007, Rs 5.07 lakh in 2008, Rs 5.10 lakh in 2009, Rs 5.35 lakh in 2010, Rs 5.45 lakh, Rs 7.5 lakh in 2012 , Rs. 9.26 lakh in 2013 , Rs. 9.50 lakh in 2014 and this year it was auctioned for Rs. 10.32 lakh.

After the laddu auction, the Utsav committee members felicitated Madan Mohan Reddy. They also presented two kilogram silver along with the laddu to the successful bidder. The police made elaborate bandobust for the occasion.

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