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Will Modi Consider Telangana In Cabinet Expansion?

Modi will recognize Telangana?

If reports to be believed,  Modi could induct some more ministers in his Forty five-member Council of Ministers. According to sources a total of twelve new ministers may be inducted into Modi cabinet. They are confirming the expansion probably takes place on November 9th.

Though many aspirants are lobbying for the ministerial position its confirmed that Senior BJP leader from Bihar Ashwini Chaubey, Jayant Sinha, son of senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha and senior BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi are the front runners for some of the positions. In other side till now Telangan is the only state which has no representation in the union government looking interestingly on this expansion. When Modi swore-in as PM every one is expected at least one cabinet rank post will be allocated to Telangana in considering history and party future expansion plans in the state. But surprisingly Modi had shown his empty hand to traditional aspirants and given chance to only young and dynamic people.

Now RSS and BJP sources confirming that Dattatreya will be one of the aspirant who in top priority list for BJP. Though the news is not official on expansion its creating attention in Telangana people

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