You are at Forensic Report : Chakri's is Normal Death!

Forensic Report : Chakri's is Normal Death!

తెలుగు:  చక్రి మృతిపై  మిస్టరీ వీడిపోయింది..

Forensic Report confirmed Music Director Chakri had a natural death. It was known that both Both Chakri Wife and Mother put cases against each other claiming Chakri died of poision. Police filed case as 'Mystery Death'. 

As part of the investigation, police sent his bones and nail samples to forensic department. Today forensic report was out and they confirmed that there are no traces of poision in his remainings. So its been understood that family members just made speculations on each other just for his assets and money.

Its really sad that Chakri's wife Sravani and mother Vidyavathi making things much worse after his demise. Its high time that they should sit n solve their family matters instead of rushing to media houses with tearful faces.

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