You are at TDP Leader Revanth Reddy Slams KCR

TDP Leader Revanth Reddy Slams KCR

Drag KCR onto road and beat him

TTDP tiger Revanth Reddy again roared on Telangana chief minister for his mismanagement on providing benefits to state people. Revanth slammed KCR and his co in today's assembly session with his high pitched arguments.

Revanth demanded government clarification on multiple survey ideas which targeted to collect people information. Revanth said " I don't understand why this government doing many surveys. I remember KCR announced Sep 19th total population survey is the base for all government schemes. Now the same KCR trying to put some more survey in place. That day almost all operations in state completely closed. Does KCR have any common sense? He should invite all party leaders for meeting if he lacks idea on this survey. It included lots of mistakes. If you feel it as a mistake try to consider Aadhhar card at least. Why you guys trying to struggle common people. I ask people to drag government onto road and i urge them to beat you". Revanth comments sparked an uproar in the hall. TRS leaders trying hard to show their protest but TTDP leaders counter attack on TRS made them silent.

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