You are at KCR: One more survey in Telangana

KCR: One more survey in Telangana

Telangana state survey on 19th of last month got huge response from the state people. Almost everyone in the state had participated in the survey.  Observing people response KCR planning another survey in the state.

Today KCR announced his plans for another survey related to water grids. As per KCR Telangana government is preparing its plans to set up grid for rivers in the state. In considering drinking water requirements KCR proposed this new survey. In a public meeting KCR disclosed the survey requirements and its future plan.

As per sources KCR decided to provide mandatory supply of drinking water for each home in the state within 3 ½ years of time.  As per them to meet the requirements of the scheme the survey inputs will be used in transparent manner. Seems KCR trying to get the people back to their villages once again.

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