You are at No entry for AP patients into Hyd hospitals

No entry for AP patients into Hyd hospitals

Nativity issue is growing ugly day by day. Yesterday a letter has been posted in Gandhi hospital, claiming to be written by TGGDA (Telangana Government Doctors Association), threatening Andhra doctors to shift their bases to their native places.  Now the situation turned more worse and according to some media reports some noted hospitals in Hyderabad are declining admission of patients that come from Andhra seeking better treatment.The reports said that major hospitals like NIMS and Osmania have been showing this type attitude since the bifurcation as now patients of AP can be termed as non-locals.  Most hospitals in Andhra are devoid of modern technology and facilities so there is apprehension among those suffering life threatening diseases to get treated in Andhra and even the local Andhra doctors are transferring and/or referring the critical cases to Hyderabad.But the patient getting shocked after hospitals decking permission for them.  Political observers have expressed their shock and grief over the turn of events prevailing in Telangana.A senior analyst commented, " Patients prefer hospitals with good facilities but not nativity. Irrespective of the fact whether doctors belong to Andhra or Telangana, all patients expect is good treatment.Hospitals need to understand the situation of middle class and poor people before rejecting them''  However, as of now, there is no clarity on who is behind this. Are Telangana hospitals willingly doing this? Or anyone is trying to cook up a clash between two state people? This need to be investigated.

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