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Uber Banned in Telangana

Uber Cabs Banned in Hyderabad After Delhi Rape: 10 DevelopmentsShiv Kumar Yadav, the Uber cab driver arrested for allegedly raping a woman on Friday
HYDERABAD:  Hyderabad has become the second city to ban Uber cabs after Delhi, where the arrest of a driver for allegedly raping a passenger last week has turned the spotlight on unregistered internet app based taxi services

  • The Hyderabad road transport authority has said Uber has no licence to operate and the public has been directed not to use the service.
  • This comes a day after Home Minister Rajnath Singh advised all states to stop the operation of internet-based taxi services and ensure that only registered services were allowed.
  • Uber has been accused by the Delhi Police of hiring the driver accused of rape, Shiv Kumar Yadav, without proper background checks and therefore missing his criminal record, which includes two past rape cases, one case of assault on a woman and an arms charge.
  • In 2011, Yadav spent seven months in jail for allegedly raping a woman who worked at a pub in Gurgaon but he was later acquitted, the police said. He was accused in another rape case last year.
  • A week before a 27-year-old executive was raped allegedly by Yadav, the popular app-based taxi service had received a complaint about him from another woman, Nidhi Shah. She told NDTV she had complained to Uber that Yadav kept staring at her during a taxi ride on November 26 and told her that his GPS was not working.
  • Uber was banned from operating in and around the capital by the Delhi government on Monday. An FIR or police case has been filed against the company.
  • The government says that Uber violated the law by running its business despite the fact that it had not registered as a taxi service. 
  • The government has not explained why it did not intervene earlier - services like Uber and Ola, another web-based taxi service, have been advertising their services for months.
  • Along with Uber, nearly 20 other cab services are likely to be blacklisted by the Delhi government, leaving thousands of drivers unemployed, and cutting off women from a service that was seen as safe.
  • Yadav had a permit to operate a taxi issued by the Transport Department, but the police say that the documents like a character certificate used to obtain that permit were forged
But Uber Service still Available to Ride in Online As per the Uber App.

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