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Telangana Is In Need Of Funds From Center

Presently the Telangana state government is in dire need of funds for several of its ambitious project, after lot of deliberations, the center has agreed to raise its borrowing limit from 3% to 3% of GSDP, being a revenue surplus state.

It is something like promising your favorite Chicken dish but keeping it out of your reach and the Union government is doing the same with Telangana government and this will make sure that the state government can secure an additional Rs 3,000 crore loans from various financial institutions.

As per the latest communication from the center is that the state cannot borrow more than 1500 Crore as it had wrongly calculated the borrowing limit based on GSDP growth rate and the center is alleging that KCR is foraging numbers to get more loans.

Finally the Center had agreed to raise the limit in April but is yet to give a notification and this will mean that Telangana's irrigation projects, infrastructure projects, Mission Bhagiratha, 2BHK housing scheme etc have to wait further for funds.

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