You are at Dhoni Nag Racing Team is in Troubble!

Dhoni Nag Racing Team is in Troubble!

Some time back Team India Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Tollywood King Nagarjuna ventured into bike racing starting Mahi Racing Team. The team created history scoring a sensational win, by emerging winners in 2013 team championship.

However according to the latest Mahi Racing team owners decided not to complete  World Super sport Championships by pullingout in the middle as they couldn't find any sponsors. Each race costs Rs 75 lakhs and organizers who couldn't find any sponsors decided to take the extreme decision much to the shock of everyone as the team got a great start.

Organisers informed 3 time champion Kenan Sofuoglu and Fabien Forest, title winner in 2012 for Mahi Racing Team, that they were free to race for the team of their choice.

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