You are at Now, INDIA Is an Exporting Country Too!

Now, INDIA Is an Exporting Country Too!

India joined exporters list first time

Since india's freedom the country always used to import arms and other weapons including aircrafts, ships etc. first time in India history, India exporting naval watch ship. The ship Barracuda which currently in final stages of development at Kolkata ship yard expecting to finish its work by this month end. It will be handed over to Maritus country early of next year.

Maritus will use this ship as watching Arabian Sea waters in security perspective. Apart from this India building another to Naval ships in Goa to deliver them to Srilanka as per MOU. The cost of Barracuda is around 350 crores. Which has the capability to carry 20 persons at any time. Though the cost of the project is little but India's first step I. Exporting industry creating curiosity to country people.

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