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Caught on Camera: Madhya Pradesh MLA wipes hands off ex-MP's saree

New Delhi: An MLA was shamelessly caught on camera wiping his hands off the saree of a former Member of Parliament, Neeta Pateriya, at an event on Wednesday. 

The indecent act took place in Seoni in Madhya Pradesh which Pateriya initially was unaware of. Shockingly, other MLAs standing next to them took the opportunity to have a hearty laugh over it. 

The independent MLA Dinesh Rai was reportedly slammed by Pateriya who got totally annoyed with his misconduct.  

Pateriya said she will take up the matter with higher authorities in BJP. 

Rai termed his action a "little joke". 

"Where else will I wipe off my hands. She is my bhabhi (siser-in-law). For long she was asking me to hold many things. And for fun I told her that I will clean my hand. My palms actually were clean and it was all in jest. I did not touch her," he reportedly said.

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