You are at Telangana is the second richest in India!

Telangana is the second richest in India!


Finance minister Arun Jaitley while presenting the national budget, has stated that Telangana state has emerged as the second richest state in the country after Gujarat thus beating Maharashtra. CM KCR also endorsed his statement while speaking in the state Assembly.

He said “I predicted that Telangana will become richest state after bifurcation and it becomes reality now. The state stood second to Gujarat in earnings per head. However, the state had some loss with 14th Financial Commission’s recommendations.

We can avail 3 per cent loan from financial institutions that comes around Rs. 14 000 crores under the FRBM regulations. But, I am trying to convince the Center to increase the limit to from present 3 per cent to 3.5 per cent so as we can get 2 or 3, 000 crores loans in addition. I thank one and all who made this possible by joining our fight for separate state of Telangana.”

It is very pleasant news to everyone, especially to the people of the Telangana state. But, the Telangana government should ensure that the wealth is evenly distributed among all the people of the state instead of accumulating in some powerful peoples' banks. CM KCR should try to eliminate poverty poverty from the state otherwise there is no meaning in claiming second richest state in the country.

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