You are at Son Rise: Lokesh Control Over AP Cabinet

Son Rise: Lokesh Control Over AP Cabinet

Slowly, but steadily, Chandra Babu Naidu's son Lokesh is increasing his control over the AP cabinet.

It has emerged that he is appointing the personal secretaries and PROs to various ministers in his father's cabinet.

The recent development which had many tongues wagging is the replacement of Srinivasa Rao, who was the OSD of Yanamala Ramakrishnudu. Interestingly, senior ministers like Yanamala, deputy CMs KE Krishna Murthy and Chinarajappa are now towing Lokesh's line.

In Yanamala's case, Lokesh was quite adamant that Srinivasa Rao be replaced as he had worked with Congress leader Raghuveera Reddy in the past. Despite Yanamala trying his best to retain Srinivasa Rao, Lokesh finally had his way.

Similarly, deputy CM KE Krishna Murthy had no option but to drop Gopal.

Agricultural minister Pulla Rao had to let go of Subba Raju as he had worked with Daanam Nagendra in the past. However, what has surprised many is the fact that all these secretaries and special officers had actually worked with the TDP ministers in the past.

Right now, the process within TDP is that Lokesh clears the list of secretaries to be appointed and sends it over for clearance to his friend Abheestha who sits in the CM's peshi.

Once the CM clears the final list, the ministers are informed about the new appointments. The rule also applies to the appointment of PROs. Apparently Lokesh is completely against the ministers appointing their own men as PROs.

It is being said that Lokesh is presently working on a new list of PROs, all of whom worked in the NTR Trust Bhavan. When Home Minister Chinarajappa wanted to appoint a journalist friend as his PRO, Lokesh is said to have put his foot down firmly.

Surprised by the sudden change in the line of command, one minister was heard saying that never in the history of TDP, did so many orders come from High Command.

Well, with Babu talking of change and development, looks like his son decided to make changes right from within the party.

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