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Vadra cries foul at VIP exemptions in Delhi's odd-even scheme for cars


Robert Vadra on Saturday criticized the exemptions granted to vehicles of VIPs by Delhi government in its "even-odd scheme" to control pollution, saying all must adhere to the law. In his Facebook post Vadra slammed the Kejriwal government and wrote, "Odd and Even ways!!" Creating parallel lists of exemption, is complete hypocrisy. Odd and Even ways!!Creating parallel lists of exemption, is complete hypocrisy.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief on Thursday informed that the vehicles of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, Governors of states/ Lt Governor, Chief Justice of India, Union Ministers, Leaders of Opposition in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, Chief Ministers of states except Delhi, judges of Supreme Court and High Court, Lokayukta will be exempted from the odd-even rule.

Two-wheelers, automobiles with defence ministry quantity plates, pilot automobiles, these protected by the elite Special Protection Group and embassy automobiles with CD quantity plates may also be stored out of the ban. Vadra, himself is accorded VIP status at airports where he is exempted from being frisked for security checks. Political rivals of the Congress have often attacked the businessman over it, most recently leading to the controversy over Vadra's name being removed and then added again to the list of VIP exemption list.

Delhi's odd-even traffic policy dictates that cars with registration numbers ending in an odd digit will ply on odd numbered dates while even on even numbered dates.

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