You are at Arun Jaitley Warns Pakistan, May Be A War?

Arun Jaitley Warns Pakistan, May Be A War?

We have Sword not only Shields, Warning to Pakistan

Union minister Arun Jaitley warned Pakistan over its cease fire violation in border. In a statement with media he said “Pakistan will "feel the pain" of "adventurism" if it persists with ceasefire violations”.

In recent times almost 20 Indian people had gunned down due to hefty cease fire violations by Pakistan. Specifying this information Arun Jaitley said “country now has "sword" along with "shield" which existed earlier. When Pakistan fires in border, the BSF responds, they fire in LoC, the Army responds. Our army strength is far more than theirs and therefore if they persist with this, the cost to them would be unaffordable. They feel bad when India takes the same stand as they do”.

Soon after Pakistan ambassador meeting with Kashmir separatists the cease fire violations increased. Central government keenly observing series of incidents to take right steps. Even Modi warned Pakistan recently given strength to Indian Army. As per sources information ruling government has given full rights to respond for violations without seeking any permissions as they do earlier.

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