You are at YSRCP insults Abhimanyu?

YSRCP insults Abhimanyu?

Greatest Archer in Mahabharata, Arjuna's son Abhimanyu is hailed as the greatest warrior who fought vailently against cruel kauravas cracking the 'padmavuh' or 'chakravyuh' before falling for treachery. However YSRCP MLA G.Srikanth Reddy insulted the great warrior when he said one cannot be compared to Abhimanyu who lost the war and got killed in Mahabharat. When Andhra Pradesh Minister Pattipati Pullarao said farmers of the state are fighting courageously like Abhimanyu despite problems, Srikanth Reddy came with the above statement. He said he asked there shouldn't be such comparision as Abhimanyu couldn't win the war and if one compares farmers with him, it's as if we are branding farmers as losers.

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