You are at KCR Complaints Facilities Of His Rs 5 Crore Bus!!

KCR Complaints Facilities Of His Rs 5 Crore Bus!!

Why KCR isn't happy with his Rs 5 crore Bus?

Telangana Chief Minister KCR's bus worth Rs 5 crore was designed by Mercedez company at its Chandigarh plant. However, The TRS Supremo isn't happy with the facilities provided in the bus. Especially, He complained about the seating and electronic sound system which isn't working. As a result, KCR preferred his Convoy instead of the new bus for his Haritha Haran programme in Ranga Reddy, Medak and Karimnagar districts.

Features of KCR's Rs 5 crore Bus:

* Usually, Such sophisticated buses weigh anywhere around 22 tonnes and the speed stood at 70-80 km. But, This new vehicle weighs only 18 tonnes and go at a speed of 100 km as kevlar plastic has been used on top & bottom.

* Special Sound System: People at hear KCR's speeches from a distance of 1/2 km.

* Four Cameras will capture all the movements and there is a facility to watch the recorded videos in the bus.

* It is equipped with facilities like Satellite Phone, Wifi, Computer and Video Conference.

* Having Bedroom, Bathroom and Small Meeting Room are the other advantages.

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