You are at Kishan Reddy Challenges TO KCR!

Kishan Reddy Challenges TO KCR!

KCR, are you ready for public debate: Kishan Reddy

BJP state leader Kishan reddy challenges KCR for public debate on cm praise over Nizam role in Hyderabad development. He dubbed KCR words as political gimmick in view of GHMC elections. Suggested to stop such religious politics and urged to respect Majority people.

Today Kishan reddy participated in party flag host at Buvangiri, Nalgonda district on the way of his warangal tour. He questioned KCR on how he stated Nizam as acceptable king for Telangana people when he veered many troubles to them. Pointing nizam claims to join Hyderabad with Pakistan the leader asked clarification from chief minister. Kishan reddy suggested TRS leaders to think wise before making any such announcement. He also added leaders should think in national perspective instead of doing petty politics.

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