You are at Durga Ghat In Vijayawada Designed By GIIC

Durga Ghat In Vijayawada Designed By GIIC


China's Guizhou International Investment Corporation (GIIC) was entrusted with the task of developing Durga Ghat and Krishna – Godavari confluence point at Ferry for Krishna Pushkarams. As of now, the Chinese company officials submitted designs to develop the river bank at Prakasam barrage downstream too on the lines of development of Godavari riverfront during Godavari pushkaralu, covering a total length of 13 km.

Officials are busy identifying and removing the encroachments along the river course right from Ferry village. Simultaneously bathing ghats and parks would be developed to beautify the riverfront. More focus is on making it a tourist spot with amusement parks and food courts than giving it a religious ambience.

Durga ghat Venue for Teppotsavam, Krishna Harathi:- Since ages Teppotsavam has been performed at Durga ghat. Processional idols of along with Her Consort Lord Malleswara Swamy is taken on a ride in Teppa (float) designed in the form of Hamsa on Vijaya Dasami. People congregate at the ghat and on Prakasam barrage in large numbers to witness the event. It is the same case with weekly Krishna Harathi given to the River at the ghat.Goddess Kanaka Durga

These are models of Pushkar ghats developed by a China firm for the ensuing Krishna Pushkarams in August 2016. One could see the difference in the approach – it is a well designed, semi-circular and beautiful three stage structure – totally different from the conventional models generally adopted in the country. The ghat is designed in such a way that it provides ample space if somebody would like to perform some rituals in the ghat area.

Incidentally, AP Govt., is taking the opportunity to develop the river front instead of just constructing the ghats. In the upstream of Prkasam Barrage, starting from the Durga Ghat, there will be 2 km continuous ghats and also added river front development. These are only part of many other ghats planned on both sides of the river and in Ibrahimpatnam, the area, where Polavaram canal meets Krishna river, will be another important attraction. Many changes are being done to decongest Durga Temple to provide ample space and facilities to the public on the hill and also near the foot of the hill. AP Govt. should be appreciated for taking all these initiatives. These things would not happened, under any circumstances, had the unified AP been in existence, where everything and everybody were Hyderabad-centric.

Besides, it is also surprising that we have never thought of designs on the lines of the ones developed by the China firm. We should find out reasons for being left behind in the world in almost all sectors and do something on how to get out of this situation.

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