You are at TDP Demands for Roja long term Suspension!

TDP Demands for Roja long term Suspension!


AP Assembly witnessed another bad day and the verbal war between the members has risen to a peak stage . Both parties have leveled charges against each other with harsh comments.

Following the ruckus Speaker had suspended eight YSRCP MLAs from the house for three days and ignited fire further. Some of the opposition MLA'S called the speaker using bad words and accused him as Joker and Factionist.

TDP MLAs lashed out at the YSRCP MLAs who accused honorable Speaker as a factionist. Speaking in the Assembly, TDP senior MLA Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary has come down heavily on YSRCP Nagari MLA Roja

The senior TDP leader demanded Speaker Kodela Shiva Prasada Rao to suspend her for at least one year alleging that she has spoken filth words in honorable house.Legislative minister Yanamala too echoed saying that action should be initiated on those who accuse Speaker.

Meanwhile speaker is reportedly planning to form Ethics Committee to study the released Video footage . As per their suggestion, speaker will take action and if Roja proves guilty she might face the suspension.

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