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Sand Mafia Gangs are dropping Nara Lokesh name


While sand mining mafia is rampant and unabated in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, it has surged new heights ever since TDP came to ruling causing crores of loss to public exchequer. Now latest reports emerge that several sand mafia gangs are dropping Nara Lokesh name to get their work done. This in turn affecting Nara Lokesh and TDP image in a huge way.

Sand is vital to construction business. Cashing in on builders' requirement and in an attempt to provide sand at competetive prices, the mafia is ravaging riverbeds, land with heavy equipment and sell it to builders. Mondepu Lanka village in East Godavari district is one such quite popular for sand mafia as loads of sand is being transported illegally from this area. On an approximate, at least 100 trucks of sand would be carried and several off them evading minimum Rs 20,000/- loss to government per a trip. And hence government is incurring hefty losses and figures are startling. To get their works done smoothly and to get away from cops, the management there are said to be openly dropping Lokesh name.

This is not all. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu resorted to a new practice of giving licenses of sand mining to Dwacra women. Even several illegal miners are making use of this for their own advantage. On the name of license of Dwacra women, senior leaders and politicians in the region are doing the business of sand mining.

Dropping the names of big wigs while during illegal mining is not something new. One doesn't know whether Nara Lokesh is really behind this or not. But Lokesh being tight-lipped will definitely tarnish his image. It's high time, TDP National Committee generals secretary and scion of Chandrababu Naidu, Nara Lokesh should look into the matter. TDP has got highest number of seats in East and West Godavari districts. If the practices of illegal sand mining continues, Lokesh and TDP have to pay a great price in days to come.

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