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Andhra Jyothi Downfall Started

Telangana Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Rao has mostly flared up at Andhra Jyothi news paper which he thinks spoiled his image by converting his statements into negative. “Andhra Jyothi wrote something and ABVP, Congress party, TDP and student federations collectively burnt my effigies in the university, I nowhere insulted students as I also participated in the Telangana movement with students in 1969” he said.

The home minister blamed ‘Andhra Jyothi’ saying that news paper is deliberately trying to spoil the image of KCR and TRS. As the students’ agitation erupted due to the government’s endeavors to regulate the contract employees, the home minister emphasized that KCR has been assuring the contract employees permanence in their jobs for over 13 years. He lambasted students and media simultaneously saying “You made KCR CM for the state but are unable to tolerate him as CM, you have freedom to publish but this is not correct”.

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