You are at Modi gets Shocker from his wife!

Modi gets Shocker from his wife!

Narendra Modi has not known to the world as a married man but a bachelor. But, suddenly through affidavit during the elections we got to know that he is married. 

This shocked the world that time! Narendra Modi's wife has never actually opened her mouth about Modi. 

 But for the very first time she revealed that she wants to stay rest of her life with Modi. However,this marriage was a forceful act by their families when they were teenagers only. However, many opposition parties tried to make big issue but could not overcome Modi's mania. 

However, the shocking news that Modi wife, Jashodaben revealed that she is willing to live with him and Modi himself should come and take her. The marriage was done in 1968. His wife was a superannuated as a school teacher and lives with her brothers in Gujarat. 

However, the main question is that will the family accept her back into Modi's life? Will Modi go and get her back into his life? or her dream stays to be a dream? Hope that Modi fulfills her dream and takes her back into his life!

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