You are at Modi to Meet with Chandra Babu And KCR Together!

Modi to Meet with Chandra Babu And KCR Together!

Telangana Chief Minister KCR going to Delhi for 3 Days on his official tour. In which he will be participating country chief ministers conference to discuss various common issues between states. After this KCR will meet with various union ministers for submitting state proposals on future projects.

Its came to know that prime minister Modi thinking to have a meeting with Babu and KCR considering their presence in Delhi. In which Modi targeting to get both CM closer on various issues of newly formed state to clear obstacles between them. Union Government thinking this opportunity as most precious in order to set both the states on the same track to avoid unnecessary fights. If plan goes well both state can concentrate on development instead crossing swords. Though there is no clarity on meeting points at this moment it will be disclosed soon.

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