You are at IPAD's to State Government Employees

IPAD's to State Government Employees

Hitech CM Chandrababu Naidu continuing his legacy to attract the state people. Recently he had delivered many statements on digitalization of state acitivities. In continuation of those today he shared similar views during a video conference with district collectors.

Today Babu had commenced a video conference meeting with various district collectors to check status of various schemes which provided by state government. In this Babau given clarification on digitalization of state activities and urged people participation. He said "State government will provide Internet communication facility to 70 lakh Dwakra women to ease their activities. We will provide 10 thousand IPADs  to all the state employees to fasten the activities. In addition to pensioners list will be available On-line from October 2 onwards". He added there in no transfers applicable for employees till October 20th.

Speaking to collector Babu disclosed his expectation from officials and urged their support in implementing Janmabhoomi event successfully.

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