You are at No Cabin for Mukesh Ambani in his Office!

No Cabin for Mukesh Ambani in his Office!


As Reliance Industries gets ready to deliver 4G services under the "Jio" brand, it has also brought with it a rather quiet, but telling transformation in the refining-to-retail group's corporate culture. For the top executives leading a 17,500-strong, full-time team, including chairman Mukesh Ambani, gone are the wood-panelled, plush rooms. Not even closed glass-door cubicles.

The top 70 leaders in the team, which includes his son Akash Ambani, daughter Isha Ambani and long-time associate Manoj Modi, are having to make do with a work station in an open office - a culture that started on Wednesday at the 7th Floor of what is called 'PT 22 Building' of Reliance Corporate Park in Navi Mumbai. "No walls, no barricades," is how the officials described the office of Jio venture, touted as the largest start-up project in India with an investment of Rs.100,000 crore already deployed.

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