You are at AP, TS power utilities’ meet remains inconclusive

AP, TS power utilities’ meet remains inconclusive


The Telangana and Andhra Pradesh power utilities have initiated steps to sort out the differences between the two entities including the division of the staff among the utilities post bifurcation. A preliminary meeting of senior officials of the utilities of the two States held here on Friday remained inconclusive for want of data pertaining to the division of the staff. While TS Genco chairman and managing director D. Prabhakar Rao led the delegation on behalf of the Telangana utilities, APTransco and APGenco chairman and managing director K. Vijayanand headed the delegation that represented Andhra Pradesh.

The meeting assumes significance in the light of the Telangana Government's decision to relieve close to 1,200 employees of Andhra Pradesh origin working in the Telangana utilities. The relieved staff facing an uncertain future approached the high court and managed to get temporary relief as the court stayed directed the Governments of the two States to pay their salaries. “We wanted our Andhra Pradesh counterparts to furnish information relating to the relieved staff, but it was not readily available," a senior official told.

The official who participated in the brief deliberations said the meeting was cordial as the officials were determined to iron out the differences. The two sides later deferred the meeting to January 27 with a broad agreement that they would furnish all the relevant information that was required by the other, particularly with regard to the sharing of the staff and related issues. The meeting deferred to January 27 with a broad agreement that they would furnish all relevant information that is required by the other

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