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KCR Is in Dreams!

KCR has no opposition politically in the state. He completed his tenure as first Chief Minister of Telangana. There are many crucial problems like unemployment, Farmer Suicides and Power in the state. The state has enjoyed surplus budget for this FY. No one knows the revenue for Telangana Government in next Financial Year. With just 16K budget in hand, Telangana Chief Minister talked many unbelievable things with his oratory skills.
After three years, KCR promised 24x7 Power Supply in the state. But there are no initiatives started from the state government how to tackle the situation in summer 2015. Developing Yadagiri Gutta is welcome decision by the Government. But creating the status like TTD is far from the realty. There are many private constructions in the hill. Can Telangana Government make them vacate?
Aim to provide water supply to entire towns and villages by constructing world’s largest Water Grid in the state is good approach by the Government. Analysts said that Gujarat model can’t worked out in Telangana. How can the government brought huge funds (25K crores) for the project? They suspects Water Grid will become another YSR’s Jalayagnam.
Who asked KCR to construct world’s tallest towers in and around Hussain Sagar? Telangana Government should concentrate to stop encroachments near Hussain Sagar and provide proper drainage facilities to the people. The World’s tallest tower (Burj Khalifa) is in UAE having 163 floors. It is constructed around 490 acres of land and height of 829.u meters. Telangana Government should procure around 500 acres of land in and around Hussain Sagar. Is it necessary to construct and it helps to common people.
Constructing the Sky ways and building many fly-overs are not the solution to avoid the traffic. Where is the land and who bear the expenditure for the construction? It is better for KCR to complete the ongoing Metro Rail system.

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