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Why A Raja Writing a Book?

 I Am Also Writing a Book: A Raja

After recent biographies by key players of the 2G case, finally former telecoms minister Andimuthu Raja has promised to bare all in a book on the incidents which took part as part of this scam.

As per allegations of CBI, A. Raja is the notable politician in India's history with his corruption acts. Many books with differing perspectives on the 2G spectrum scam rocked UPA government. Some believe these books played vital role in getting down UPA in central. There after Sanjay baru book on Manmohan Singh dragged ex-PM on to the streets. Adding to this now A.Raja, who is the prime accused said " I have enough time now as the hearing is over in the 2G case and the verdict is expected to be pronounced early next year, Am preparing plans to document all my experiences on this scam in a book Talks with publishers in progress. If all goes well the book will be out by January".

On the other end Vinod Rai former comptroller and auditor general of India, has in his biography "Not Just An Accountant"  thrashed Manmohan Singh. He claimed that the scam could have been avoided if Manmohan Singh had reacted with greater alacrity to the situation. Lets wait for A Raja's book what he will say in that.

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