You are at Danam Nagender position in Congress, is most embar...

Danam Nagender position in Congress, is most embarrassing!

After the series of leaders from the various parties, are joining TRS and even a few of the leaders like Anam brothers from Congress have joined TRS recently, even Danam was speculated to join TRS.
At a point of time, though Danam denied all those rumors, reportedly, he had recently decided to quit Congress and join TRS. But, giving a tight blow to Danam, Telangana Chief Minister KCR said that, he is not going to welcome Danam Nagender and asked him to join with KK's welcome. But Danam, who was shocked to hear this, refused to join TRS and said he would be joining, only if KCR welcomes him. But KCR, who is committed to his decision, stayed away from welcoming Danam.
It was then, Danam decided to stay back in Congress itself and tried to bluff the media, that he had an invitation to join TRS, but refused to do so. The fact is, he can bluff the media and public, but not his own party leaders right? Is the sources are to be believed, Shabbir Ali and a few other Congress leaders, are currently avoiding Danam, as he thought of quitting the party and join TRS.
Recently, when Danam rushed to the council premises and discussed his future course of action, with Shabbir Ali, the latter reportedly said that, the party is angry at him and it might take time for him to get back the old identity, among the party members. Meanwhile, the political analysts say, KCR's strategical jolt to Danam, had put him in this stage. Danam, who is unwilling to stay in Congress and even not able to kill his ego and join TRS with KK's welcome, is currently in an utter embarrassing situation.

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