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'Why India Wins, Pakistan Loses', Analysed By Veteran writer

Veteran writer and wonderful analyst Gollapudi Maruthi Rao gives us another view of how we are watching a India Vs Pakistan cricket match, how composed are our players and what makes us different from Pakistan cricket fans.

Irrespective of any stadium or any format of cricket, a cricket match between India and pakistan raises similar anxiety in cricket fans across both the countries. It depends on how players keep them cool with their gestures on field and with their composed play performance. If they flaunt their emotions on ground, the anxiety levels of viewers too goes doubling for every minute moment. Our team India players did the job well and kept those extrem emtions off the field.

Take an instance of Dhoni's catch dismissing Umar Akmal in Ravindra Jadeja, they appreciated eachother in a most normal way, while Pakistan cricketers expressed their extremity on ground when they dismissed Shikhar Dhawan. Dhoni pats Kohli's back when he hit a boundary at his 45 run score, but Afridi's reaction was not anything close to that when his team takes a wicket of ours.

While Indian cricket team is enjoying it as a game, Pakistan players feel it a war. This brings out the winning zeal among Pak cricketers but the sporting spirit is missing. This according to Gollapudi, is giving us the cool wins and Pakistan is losing it all the time. Cricket is a sport for India, but its a war they must win for Pakistan cricketers and fans, which results in leaving them in loss in the end. Cricketers like Imran Khan, Abdul Khadir, Zaheer Abbas brough respect to Pakistan cricket, but one like Javed Miandad lashes at Afridi for saying that he gets more love from people of India.

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