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MIM MLA & South Zone Police Watching Fake Disco Baba Dance

South Zone Police on Tuesday arrested Disco Baba on charges of black magic and cheating. What has cops made the Tantric Baba do after taking him into custody?

A video of Disco Baba dancing to a popular Bollywood song inside the office of South Zone DCP went viral. Charminar MLA Ahmed Pasha Quadri and Cops were seen enjoying the dance of the Baba while sipping tea.

South Zone DCP V Satyanarayana, however, condemned the reports that Cops have forced Disco Baba to shake his leg. He explained, 'Post the press conference, Journalists asked the suspect why his name was Disco Baba and why he wore such an outfit. He then replied he was a disco dancer. Then, Journalists asked him to prove his dancing abilities. That's when the Disco Baba danced'.

Sources say, Charminar Legislator has gone to the DCP Office only to ask Police to take stringent action against the Disco Baba who cheated many people. South Zone Police have arrested Disco Baba and 12 Others involved in black magic during raids in Old City. All of them were sent to Judicial Custody.

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