You are at Brave UP girl thrashes 5 men to save father

Brave UP girl thrashes 5 men to save father

Pictures of a young woman fighting men to save her father have gone viral over the internet.

The incident occurred in Meerut, where a group of men started thrashing a man. The victim was moving on a road in a bike when his motorcycle brushed the side of a car. Five young men came out and started beating the man brutally.

When nobody came to the rescue of the middle-aged man, his daughter, who was riding pillion, started beating the men in defense of her father.

A journalist, who was passing by, took the pictures of the girl's bravado.

The pictures went viral on the internet. The girl has become a social media celebrity and the source of inspiration for women, who in India's patriarchal society, are considered inferior due to their physical weakness.

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