You are at AP CM - Rs 5 Crore Special Features BUS !!

AP CM - Rs 5 Crore Special Features BUS !!

Special features of Chandrababu's Rs 5 crore BUS

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu spent Rs 5 crore of taxpayers money for purchasing a super-luxury Mercedes Benz Bus which have state-of-the-art security features.Chandrababu Naidu's Rs 5 crore BUS Special features:

1) Sofa-Bed 2) Foldable Platform 3) Lift to held CM address people from the bus top 4) Landmine-proof & Blast-proof 5) Could handle Gunshots & Extreme Temperatures 6) Perfect Vaastu 7) Television & Wifi Enabled 8) Satellite Phone 9) Cameras covering all directions 10) Tyres can last for 80 km even after severe damage

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