You are at Modi Class to Cola Companies

Modi Class to Cola Companies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked soft drink makers like Pepsi to try and mix aerated drinks with 5 per cent fruit juice to help distressed farmers find a new market for their produce.

In a inauguration ceremony of food park Modi said "Millions of people buy Pepsi and Coke. I have asked these companies if they can put five per cent natural juice in their drinks,". He said this will help the farmers of India to come out of difficulties. Modi added that he has already asked the Central government's research bodies to work on the possibility of blending cola drinks, which are widely considered unhealthy, with natural fruit juice.

Modi comments surprised many in view of his US visit. On the other end cola companies are responded positively, adding to that pepsi told as Tropicana and other similar drinks are already based out of fruit components.

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