You are at Venkaiah Naidu “One Man Show” in Parliament

Venkaiah Naidu “One Man Show” in Parliament


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has presented in Parliament for very few days after taking the charge. Modi is busy with foreign visits and election campaign. It seems that Prime Minister Modi feels Venkaiah Naidu is taking care of everything in Parliament. Coming 7 days session is crucial to BJP Government. Insurance and Leasing Coal-mine bills will be tabled in Parliament in next week.

BJP government has committed to pass out these bills without any objections in Parliament. Since last three weeks, 13 bills were passed in Lok Sabha and 9 bills were passed in Rajya Sabha. The reason behind for this achievement is Venkaiah Naidu. His presence is inevitable in both houses at the time of passing of the bills. Venkaiah is active even at the age of 65 years. He responded to the questions raised by the opposition parties. Talkative Venkaiah can silent opposition with his satirical comments.

Prime Minister assigned the responsibility of holding the sessions to Venkaiah Naidu. On one side he is looking the portfolio of Urban Development, Venkaiah gave answers to the questions other’s portfolios when the relevant minister was not in the house. 8 crucial bills are waiting for Parliament approval to implement the reforms in the country. Venkaiah Naidu role is very important for getting approval of the bills in Parliament.

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