You are at Ahmedabad: 59-year-old’s shirtless Gandhigiri!

Ahmedabad: 59-year-old’s shirtless Gandhigiri!


AD Naik, a superintendent engineer of ONGC drawing a salary of Rs 2.5 lakh per month, stopped wearing a shirt since 2005 only to fight against corruption. There will be no change in his attire even if he attending a high-profile corporate meeting or travels in a business class.

After the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA)deducted 40 percent of his 3.2 acre land in Chandkheda village as part of the town-planning scheme, Naik tore his shirt before the officials and since then he never put a shirt on his body. From the year 2013, He began sporting a Ghandian cap which have the message 'Bhrashtachar Hatao' (eradicate corruption).

"My attire piques interest of many people who I apprise of my pledge and growing corruption in society. I am a middle class, common man. This is the only way I can protest against corrupt system," says Naik.

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